Video Killed The Bethlehem Star

satanic murderer randy elmwardy: please report to authorities:

satanic jihad cockroach Randy Elmawardy wanted for murder

Ann Starr, burn in Hell, lest ye repent:

Satan used this disgusting old perv puppet to sabotage The Messiah’s Christian Masterpiece My Virtuous Sister. This decomposing old satanic tranny clone broke the terms of our contract and I will soon be launching the largest Civil Rights Case in History against Upper Hand Press for Religious Discrimination. The Christ will have the UPPER Hand on this small-town satanic midwestern joke of company. Most unprofessional loser in the world, Ann Starr. Senile and obsessed with sex. Stalked me online and wooed me into signing. She will burn in Supreme Court, then Prison, then Hell, lest I receive an apology and she be converted to Christ.

Behold subtle satan like a tapeworm infesting the perverted old thing in the video link below. Seemingly-innocuous seniors are among hasatan’s prime disguises. Behold Baalzebub (βααλζεβούβ) inhabit this rotting old husk, all guile and lust. A sexual-assaulter in this video made moronic by her own desire as it actually convicts itselfon camera by making this poor Altar Boy (whom note Godt named Adam)’s cherubic cheeks blush from the horny old toad’s cold predatory stare. Look at the syphilitic snake of satan in this disgusting old atheist sexual predatory reptile Ann Starr. The elderly internet-stalker licking its degenerate wet lips as it envisions ravening Mine poor lamb-white lad. Fellating and sucking his perineum. Tragic. She will BURN in My Father’s HELLfire!

Lest you repent to me as The Christ.

I’m waiting for your apology, Ann.

I love you.