At 7:06 PM July 17, 2019, in the Year of Our Lord, on the roof of Nick Fowler’s building in Jackson Heights, Queens, the exact center of New York City, the Big rotten Apple of original sin and of The World, Nick Fowler the Messiah begged the LORD Godt forgiveness of His sin of felling a Robin with an arrow when The Messiah was seven, whereupon the above Robin during a thunder storm in the plaza of Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel fell out of the sky and died in front of Nicholas Fowler.
At Midnight August 13, 2019 in the Year of Our Lord, The LORD Godt AbbA Agapi the Father testified to Nicholas Fowler as Ezekiel the Prophet XXVI, warning End of Days.
Whereupon Nicholas Russel Fowler the Messiah asked Jehovah Yaweh to let Son of God go dream for the evening and process the prophecy. Whereupon AGAPI the LOVE Father left Nick’s sight and caused a great sleep to fall over Nicholas, HIS only begotten Son. Of God and Man, Ishaua the Nazarene of the Penultimate Resurrection of the Rapture.

At 10:12 P.M. August 15, 2019, the above full moon appeared over Astor Place, NYC, Sodom and Gomorrah, upon Nicholas Russel Fowler the Messiah’s asking of the LORD Godt Father if his Son were in fact God of Nature. To see photos of more Nicholas Russel Fowler the Messiah Signs of Divinity, please follow the Holy Resurrection at

God Bless you. I am Isshua. The Saver. Come to the Cross.