To the health professionals like satanists arlene and daisy Klingman who tried to kill me:

Godt ith All and He’s lost Patience.

Nick Fowler loves Mary Mag forever.

Satan works through disgusting old sinner hags. Behold the blind insane stare of the sexually-perverted liberal feminist hypocrite. The insane, egocentric, self-obsessed, narcissism in the lurid pagan fried-out rusty old hair. The Obsession with appearance and status. Obscene! Pharisee! The mentally-deranged grin of deceit, fooling only other sinners. Self-regarding reptilian smirk of the “health professional,” knowing nothing save its own lies, pushing fatal drugs that are only placebos. Evil one revealed. The conceit and self-righteous obsession over money and materialism and the satanic delusion of therapy. The only cure for your satanic insanity is The Cross. I Yeshua. Satanic follower of drug-fiend and homosexual Sigmund Freud who died suicidal. Wake up, sodomite sinners. Regard the lewd grin of the disease congratulating itself on its own destruction. Bravo, serpent. Burn! Disgusting. An offense to Godt! Demon. satanist. Murderer. The crazy cretin will soon burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity unless it repents. Regard the cold, blind snake eyes. The false evil smile, concealing murder. The pride of the homosexual tribe. The doomed fornicator. The fatal pride of the demon who knows he’s already lost! Retarded satan. You sinners who worship at the synagogue of the devil will perish. he knows he’s at any moment going to be sealed for a Millennium until My Father’s Last Judgement.

You in the synagogue of satan will 🔥 unless you repent. God does not want you to suffer in Hell.





Come to the Cross.

You have entered the Great Tribulation. Wake up!!!! The Rapture ith upon you.

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