“Who is this guy? This is who; if you were to make a list of 50 promising first novelists now working in the U.S., Fowler should be on it.”
-Miami Herald

"The best pure voice in New York!"
-DJ Rich Russo

Nick Fowler is a Pulitzer Prize nominated American writer, musician and actor born to a Jewish mother in Bavaria, Germany on an American Army base. 

Literary Career

Fowler’s debut novel, A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla, was in 2002 published in North America by Pantheon, and by Hodder & Stoughton in the U.K. where the book became a bestseller. The New York Times Book Review called Fowler “an expansive, lyrical, inventive writer,” comparing him to J.D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

Other praise included:

“Vibrant and original . . . all wit and charm…Read the first hundred pages of Nick Fowler’s novel and you’ll be cringing. Not because it’s bad. Quite the opposite…this love story is so good–almost too good…a tribute to the human spirit.” –Orlando Sentinel 

“Few novels deliver wisdom with as much talent, humor, and emotional force. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird comes to mind.” 

Tallahassee Democrat

On August 1 2019 Fowler’s long-awaited second novel My Virtuous Sister will be published by Upper Hand Press. The book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and has earned the following praise:

“Few men in literature empathize with women so deeply and with such true understanding of how women approach the world; with real appreciation of their strength and their foibles—of their virtues.” 

-Elizabeth Primamore, Author and Playwright, Shady Women: Three Short Plays

“This fantastic book is full of sex, booze, dope, and all the traps, but at its great big, gigantic heart is the narrator’s love for his celebrity sister (on a spiraling romp through New York City.) Filled with unforgettable characters, My Virtuous Sister is my favorite novel this year.” 

-Russell Franklin, author of Cosmic Hotel.

Soon to come is Your Children Shall Be Kings, the first installment of The Lullabiss Saga. The title comes from Macbethhttps://quizlet.com/26852060/macbeth-flash-cards/ 

Fowler wrote the story with longtime collaborator Arthur Lynn. Inspired by gothic works including The Fountainhead, Gravity’s Rainbow and The MatrixYour Children Shall Be Kings occurs in the kingdom of Lullabiss, a future simulation of Manhattan on Mars. If as in Xanadu we suspend our disbelief, we’ll appreciate the team’s lavishly illustrated quantum fiction adventure in which we follow orphan Jerry Lupur’s rise to power and ultra violent downfall.

Fowler’s prose has appeared in GQ, The Encyclopedia of Exes, The Antioch Review, Epiphany and Pulse Berlin. Fowler’s poetry has been published in Tribeca Review and his journalism in POZ, Metal Edge, Metal Maniacs, Movie Mirror, Teen Beat and other illustrious magazines. He has taught fiction writing at NYU, The New School and mediabistro. He strives to be published in The New Yorker.

Musical Career

After moving to New York City in 1989, Fowler founded the acoustic pop project Tonto Tonto with drummer Michael Haar. Hollywood manager Sandy Gallin secured the team a recording contract with Victory/Polygram. Director Paul Boyd filmed the music video for their initial radio single, “Miles Away.” Ric Wake produced their debut LP, Mirror for the Blame. The band rather nervously played the album’s eponymous track on The Tonight Show and toured in support of Bon Jovi, Paul Rodgers, Neal Schon, The Rembrandts, and Soup Dragons. In 1992, Tonto Tonto’s ballad “Real Today” was featured in the slasher film Dr. Giggles, as well as in the video game. In 1994, Tonto Tonto performed at the first White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. Fowler sang songs he intentionally composed to sound bad in A Hit Is a Hit, the tenth episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos. In 1995, his song “Sunday” was shortlisted for the International John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

In 1999, Fowler founded the hard rock band MOTHER with guitar guru and songwriting colossus Arthur Lynn, and drummer Keith Carlock. MOTHER’s self-titled debut was signed by Al Teller to Atomic Pop Records. MOTHER placed music in the Sony Pictures production Mercy.

Fowler’s song “You Don’t Remember” was in 2010 included in the CW Network’s 90210. Fowler’s voice has been placed in national advertising jingles. His southern rock ballad “Splinter” was produced by Andrew Wyatt, winner of an Oscar for “Shallow,” and included in the 2011 motion picture Undocumented.

In 2010 Fowler and Arthur Lynn formed Maximilian Is King.  Steve Thompson mixed the debut EP. DJ Rich Russo played the record on regular rotation and called Fowler’s “the best pure voice in New York.” The masterful Lynn played most of the instruments on and produced Maximilian Is King’s debut full-length, Songs To Kill Yourself With, incl drum programming by longtime Lynn patron Carlos Alomar and mixed with additional production by Roy Thomas Baker (Bohemian Rhapsody).

In 2011, Fowler began performing live with Grammy-awarded guitarist and songwriter Steve Stevens, best known for his work with Michael Jackson and Billy Idol. At New York City’s Iridium nightclub, their sets featured the Les Paul Trio and drummers Anton Fig and Shawn Pelton. In 2012, Fowler contributed vocals to DJ Riddler’s extended mix “Hold On Me” for Riddler’s debut studio album Enigma. In April 2013, Fowler performed the song “Sleep Walking” for the motion picture The Right Kind of Wrong. In October 2013, Fowler signed with 140 Records, the first Twitter-based record label. Fowler is an advocate of healing-via-music, playing his songs at in-hospital performances for the charity Musicians on Call.

Alas, Youth

A dog-lover since birth, Fowler claims to find comfort in their musk, despite having sustained four stitches on the bridge of his five-year-old nose in an attempt to French kiss a disgruntled Jack Russell. 

Nick was Florida State’s gymnastics champion from 1972 through 1977. At college prep academy Maclay School he captained the Brain Brawl team, an academic quiz inspired by College Bowl and J.D. Salinger’s It’s a Wise Child. Fowler was the county high-scorer in his senior year and led his team to victory in the tournament.

Although terrible at chemistry, Fowler, good in the clutch, was a winning member of Maclay’s Chemathon competition. He was also an American Legion speech contest finalist, played Danny Zuko in Maclay’s production of the Broadway musical Grease, and the Mad Hatter in its version of Alice in Wonderland. Fowler won the city’s slalom category for skateboarding in 1980.


The Pleiadian Starseed lives in New York and Florida with his wife Maria Elfik and their dachshund Sowzer Mouse.