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Nick Fowler is a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, dog lover, husband, father philosopher, musician, humanitarian, orator, thespian, life coach, entrepreneur, metaphysician, philanthropist, healer, carpenter, crooner, quantum mechanic, poet, professor, draughtsman, photographer, inventor, real estate investor, literary critic, editor and spiritual leader born to Mary S., a Russian Jewish student in Bavaria, Germany.


Nick is committed to achieving world peace.

In 1992, solely to demonstrate for others that they can do it, too, the Nick Fowler Metaphor with its rock band Tonto Tonto performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno its ballad Mirror for the Blame.

“A love psalm,” the artist explained during an interview with K.C. Armstrong

which universally introduced Nick’s “holographic Principle of Existence. We are all merely reflections of ourselves. We are all exactly the same. If I hear another racial slur there will be fear.  There is no physical evidence for anything in the universe. All is mind and man is mental. Jesus taught nothing else.  Our thoughts literally create our world. Therefore, man must master one’s every condition and thought. Of taking all of the blame. Of awakening to the truth that man is divine and each soul is the same.”

“Today is the greatest day of my earth life,” Fowler revealed during lunch at his table at 21.  “I received a beautiful thank you letter from the invincible Mr. Trump and his gracious First Lady. The wonderful couple have a regular table here, too. My wife and I now formally ask them to dine.”

‘They were thanking me,” Fowler explains, “for sending them a copy of My Virtuous Sister, my forthcoming novel, which has been nominated for numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The energy of which I’m leveraging solely to spread the good Word. And so the great awakening begins.”

Fowler continues, “It’s time for man to transcend all division and realize he’s one with the universal mind. Man must find the courage to accept the scientific fact that he shares this mind with a unifed divine intelligence. No more war. No more predjudice. It’s sickening. And it makes you feel guilty. So stop it. No more nonsense. No more hate. Stop insulting our President. You’re only insulting yourself. Have some common human decency and adult self-respect. Those who take up the sword must perish by it. Practice what you preach.

The unstoppable Mr. Trump all his life has employed divine demonstrations almost identical to mine. God taught us these gifts to bring you peace and prosperity. We should be thanking God for Donald Trump. He’s not perfect. Are you?”

“Everyone is so envious of the Donald. He’s six foot five inches of Aryan stud. The UR Alpha. Rivaled perhaps only by Alexander the Great. Donald’s always known,” explains Fowler,that he’s omnipotent. As have I. As are we all. The key is in this knowing. Please just trust me on this. One must have a sovereign belief in one’s self. I know my Word is LAW. And Law is boss.  As with the Donald, I’ve since infancy understood my Word destroys all else. The only issue with our immensely lovable Mr. Trump is he reacts to the envious. Please, my liege, do not let them get you down. I love you. But it’s this loving action that in the end always transcends, Donald, my friend. We must not divide if we want to conquer the kingdom of heaven, amigo. We must all act as God and all rise above.”

This limitless mind-think,” reveals Fowler, “is the Principle of all demonstration. The Donald, the Buddha and every other clairvoyant since time immemorial has understood this reality. This scientific fact. That all is mind. All is spirit.

That is all there is and all there ever will be

Nick’s debut novel, A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla

was in 2002 published domestically by Random House-Knopf

and by Hodder & Stoughton in Great Britain, where it became a bestseller.

Senior Pantheon Editor and world-renowned poet Deborah Garrison

honored “the infinitely grateful creator” with the largest monetary advance to a previously unpublished author.

A megadeal done by David McCormick and Leslie Falk of McCormick Literary…

…the world’s most powerful creative agency. 

The text was Fowler’s initial demonstration of Oedipal catastrophe.  

Fowler’s Big Apple allegory displays man as what the author calls “weakling-ego. A manipulative suicide. A sadistic hysteric.  A fomenter of discord.  A tester of love.  A hypochondriac atheist

and frustrated artist who fears the failure engendered by his own morbid self-regard.

A hypocritical victim diminished by a Zion whose ivory towers he does not yet understand he’s built for himself.”

              The Ayn Randian 


tragicomedy fulcrums abuse and prejudice-cum-simile for man’s false sense of his own limitation.

His projected resentment and lack of self-love. 


A strange race-fear of claiming his  archangel.

Yet at the end of the idyll, Fowler’s metaphysical hero alludes to his creator’s, the author’s, mission, already accomplished, to heal the human neuron via musical humor.


As a realized Curtis Irving Birnbaum after winning the biggest recording contract in history,


from atop Music Biz Central deploys his triumphant tenor.

Sings out over the gothic black forest and rocks of Central Park.

O’er the steel-and-neon monoliths: testament-as-geometric-projection of man’s great awakening.  

Of his Gatsby capacity to romp as a God.

“As our planet transitions from binary government to divine unity, I’d love to work with Mr. Trump to restructure global government,” Fowler returns to his leitmotif.  “All we need structurally is the U.N. We’ll work together on a panel with the visionaries I’ll list at the end of this interview. We’ll tailor my role to my utter lack of fear. I’ll walk into battle for the Donald and God because I know I’m protected.  It would be the most excellent honor to die in this life for my Lord.”

Fowler contributed illustrations 

to the mythopoeia

and with his pomp rock band Maximilian is King composed an album in harmony with Fowler’s ComicaDrama genre.  Including the accusatory, “Right This Time,” mixed by RTB,

the world’s most successful music producer. Who compared Fowler’s voice to Luciano Pavarotti’s.

“Whatever man is,” explains Fowler, “he must see himself and all others as a unified Principle. A divine idea.  Only through serving the greater good can our lives achieve any meaning. God must become the great reality.

God knows only good, only perfection, and only when we’re aligned with this ideal does He recognize us and let us succeed.

Man must let go of pride,” explains Fowler. “Look where guns get us. No more infighting. No aggression. No more infantile war. No more graft. No more greed. The world is brimming with abundance. No more cowards afraid to create cathedrals of love. No more: 

      Man must finally claim his divinity.

Stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop this  animosity. No more slander.  Man should only gossip with God.”

“No more envious insulting of our fantastic President,” explains Fowler.  “Have some human decency and some basic self respect. You’re only making yourselves look bad. Act your age. Treat your President as you would yourself. Do unto others. Mr. Trump’s a human being who reason as a God. Get it? It is beCAUSE he believes he is Alpha. He KNOWS.

What people fail to see,” explains Fowler,  “is that our President is actually very, very funny. He’s ironic. He’s a tease.

Likewise,” says Fowler, “the Lord is hilarious. Who do you think gave us our singular sense of humor? The Bible‘s His epic, tragicomic novel. God wants us to laugh. To sing and play with dogs.”  

“No more weapons,” reiterates Fowler.  “No more Godforsaken war. We must not be sentimental. No more crybaby nonsense. Shut up! God’s world is perfect. It’s time we’ve grown up. .

My mission on earth as the Nick Fowler Metaphor is to heal the Homo sapiens mind of this limitation disease. There can be no more relying on conditions, which create only chaos. We must not base our existence on a sentiment. The universe is impersonal and manifests exactly what we think into IT. We are not downtrodden sinners. Not at the mercy of powers. That was always a lie. Man himself is the architect of his every condition. Man must rely on inner revelations rather than external opinions.

My Godgiven calling, as with us all, is to utilize what talents He’s given me to lead the world to peace with the use of The Word.

Which is, in fact, the Word in all of your mouths.” 


Fowler’s second novel, the concerted My Virtuous Sister, will be published August 1 2019 by

The rock ‘n roll fable displays woman as pop superstar Cordelia Peddie Smout…

…arriving into enlightenment as she at last understands the paternal abuse she’d “suffered” had in fact been a gift.

A fulcrum of her own making meant to launch her avatar to the heavens of celebrity and its divine agency to serve the greater good.

Fowler spent a decade perfecting what had begun as a “747-page mess” into the current “Ur myth,” which the artist describes as “aerodynamically weightless, at last.”

Peddie, l’invincible heroine of the Manhattan mystery, from a dogeared family diary decodes hermetic directives from Judah, her philistine father. A scofflaw racist. A corrosive infidel. A delusional loser. A “blocked” writer who unwittingly reveals to his rival how she can achieve every one of her dreams.

Whereupon our woke protagoniste comes to view the toxic old creep as but a symbol of the Victim.  A holographic hallucination of those internal voices Fowler explains have been guiding him all his life.

“The same chorus,” the spiritualist explains, “who eventually shepherd all of us into divine enlightenment.

Mirror-ghosts of our Peddie’s own self-loathing, as she learns to believe the opposite of all her ‘pater’ proclaims:

‘You’re nothing!’ from the infant.  ‘You’ll never be famous.’

‘It is my divine birthright, Judah,’ gentle Peddie told her lamb. ‘Forgive my flock, Father,’ they know not what they bleat.'”

With this golden key to the Sacred Book, our Peddie hacks the universe and unlocks the gates of the kingdom within.

         My Virtuous Sister is a:

               Morality tale…

               A passion play.

              A  Red-Eye-Read

            Hansel and Gretel. 

             Romeo and Juliet.

A transatlantic romance and yet another love song Fowler’s composed for Manhattan.

              His terrestrial muse. 

              His City of Dreams

A spiritual text demonstrating the Metaphor by yet again leveraging abuse and prejudice in an accessible dramatic cycle of what the author calls “martini conceits.”

“In order, ” he explains, “to lure man into his evolving discovery that his beliefs become his reality. That his thoughts really do become things.

That man’s mind, the only mind, is the center of an infinite intelligence. A universal omniscience at once causal and casual.  A limitless, all-surrounding spirit of love.

A creative medium so plastic, so receptive, that from it man’s every belief casts back at him an exact objective manifestation. 

‘Vengeance is mine!’ sayeth the One.

Employing Fowler’s Judeo-Christian revelation, My Virtuous Sister demonstrates womankind as St. Joan of Arc, a transmogrified martyr, in whose hallowed cathedral the author converted to Christ.

“Black Nabokovian moth into Blakean butterfly,” Nick explains.

The long-awaited bildungsroman has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the Pak Kyongni Prize, the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award and the PEN/Faulkner Award.


My Virtuous Sister has been compared to Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Jesus’ Son.

Industry insiders are calling the gospel “a triumph of the imagination” and “a literary event.”

Nick composed companion songs for the riddle and its heroine, re-illustrating his holographic Principle of the kingdom within, including the melancholy “Heroine Girl,” a paean to our Peddie, produced by

“The play within the play,” explains Fowler.  “The eternal Russian doll. As above, so below. Does a tree fall in the Lullabiss Forest?”


2020 marks the advent of Your Children Shall Be Kings…


a ref to MacBeth and the first installment of the Legend of Lullabiss saga.  A multi-generational, poly-racial, pan-sexual adventure occurring in a parallel New York City on planet F. Mercuri. 2727. 

Above-mentioned literary super agent and former New Yorker editor David McCormick observes,

“Nick Fowler is a kind of prophet. As with Shakespeare, there are quite a few of his minor characters we meet again and again.”

          Each–Bruce Logan Lupur,


the polyglot champion of the Oedipal adventure, comes to discover–simply figments of his own imagination. 

Ideo; Do unto others as you would they onto you.


Fowler had forgotten and remembered the kōan with cowriter and dramaturge

A. Laurence Hartshorn in Silverlake, California on the evening of September 10, 2001 while reviewing Teddy McArdle’s interpretation of

Your Children Shall Be Kings is a  love quadrangle told by Planck Fell, second cousin of Phillip S., the canine voice-of-reason in Fowler’s first fable, A Thing (or Two). 

Dachshund Planck throughout the science fiction thriller proves by his quantum mechanical equations that whatever image man or dog can conceive, he’s already achieved.  

             In his platonic ideal.

Man need only embody his sovereign self, arriving safe, healed and prosperous with the glorified conscious of an emancipated soul. 


        The Fowler legend begins, 


“’Why is there in our race-thought this morbid self-hate?’ Bruce Lupur wondered into his morning mirror. Gilt and soaring.  ‘This wretched self regard,’ he cried a black tear for the dying flesh of the peony our blonde Mashenka Magdelaine, glowing beside us, wore in her elfin ear that mad season of funding Lupur’s ministry.

Annum 2727.

F. Mercuri letters.

Milky Way.”

This first volume of the cosmic trilogy has been compared to the Matrix and the Bible.  

Maximilian is King composed the saga’s theme songs, the first released, “Someday, You’ll Be a Star” mixed by


and “dedicated with love to President Donald Trump.”

Nick performs the victory anthem at inspirational events.

Nick portrayed Richie Santini on The Sopranos

and has shared the stage with among others Bruce Springsteen,

                  Lana Del Rey

Paul Rodgers, Andrew Wyatt, Neal Schon, Steve Stevens, Ricky Martin, The Rembrandts, WhiteSnake, Bon Jovi.  All of who shared with Nick their similar avatar demonstrations.

Fowler appeared in the Broadway workshop of the original dramatic musical Complications, directed by Herb Ross…

In second grade Fowler convinced his aunt to submit his drawings to the Vatican Junior Sketching Contest from which the artist took away three blues.

Once Led Zeppelin tour manager Phil Carson

signed Nick to his record label, Victory Polygram, stating, “Nick has one of the most amazing vocal ranges of any singer I’ve heard.”

            Nick carries a purse.


       Altruism and Prosperity

A dog-lover since birth, Fowler  explains he “finds comfort in their musk,” despite having sustained four stitches from the emergency surgery on the bridge of his two-year-old nose in attempt to kiss a disgruntled Jack Russell.

At three Nicholas persuaded his aunt to pay for his attendance at a private Montessori nursery and at seven to a spiritual academy in Tallahassee named Grass Roots modeled on the Teddy McArdle Free School.

The institution’s only rule was one could neither physically nor mentally hurt another.

“Meaning, everyone was naked,” laughs Fowler. “No shame. It was Eden.”

Confirming Nick’s certainty of man’s supreme divinity, for the golden rule was rarely broken, and then only out of fear. 

“Useless fear,” says Fowler. “I laugh in its face. That’s why I’m ageless.”

Once again demonstrating the Principle through what Fowler calls,


There is no coincidence,” the quantum physicist explains. “Every single thing is a sign. For Teddy McArdle is the protagonist of this Salinger short story!”

This Free School’s central premise of trust in divine intention and the limitless creative imagination comprise the basis of Fowler’s humanitarian plan to manifest world peace.

Fowler explains, “One of the first practical steps is to heal earth with a proven technology, a verified miracle, called Accretion Engineering that restores all rivers, beaches and coastlines.”

A foolproof mechanism invented by Dick Holmberg

whose installation Nick oversees in his role as Director of Communications for the NFP 

As with every of his honors, Nick solely to prove anyone can do it, too, was from 1973 to 1977 Florida State’s gymnastics champion and won the 1980 Capitol City’s slalom for skateboarding.  

At college prep academy Maclay School, Nick captained the Brain Brawl team, an academic quiz inspired by Salinger’s It’s a Wise Child.  Fowler was the county high-scorer in his senior year, leading the team to victory in the televised tournament.

“I didn’t know any of the answers,”  Fowler explains. “I was channeling God. He knew I was up against Satan.

And that Judas was competing with me from the shadows of the crowd.”

Fowler was the winning captain of Maclay’s 1985 Chemathon competition and an American Legion speech contest finalist.  

Fowler played Danny Zuko in Maclay’s production of the Broadway musical Grease, and the Mad Hatter in its Alice in Wonderland, both directed by his mentor, archangel Michael Obrecht, for whom Fowler wrote his senior thesis on Sting’s Synchronicity

Paul Champion Dickson, head coach of the Maclay soccer teams, said “Nick demonstrated the highest work-rate

of any creature I’ve seen.”

“We must not call it work,” explains Fowler. “To serve our Lord is a joy.”

Fowler was voted Most Likely to Succeed

“All is mind,”  he explains. “Life is a sublime game God wants us to win, but first He needs us to believe we will win it.”

Nick won a scholarship to Cornell University where he independently studied British Romanticism with

and metaphysical astronomy with,

the latter with whom Fowler wrote an unpublished explanation of the cosmos. 

Nick in his freshman summer of Cornell helped develop the first Apple desk computers when he was recruited by a Tallahassee think tank.

Nick was a member of Cornell’s College Bowl team and founded Proven Guilty and Sorry ‘Bout Your Daughter, the school’s most lucrative rock ‘n roll bands.

Nick graduated Dean’s List after an independent study semester of 20th century British Modernism at Queen Mary College, University of London.

Fowler converted to Catholicism 2015, yet explains, “Religion is irrelevant. They are all perfect and divine. It is the spirit that moves. This spirit who seeketh. Love. God. The universe. However you name it. Man marks the earth with ruin. Why? Because he has not yet discovered that he is divine.”  

Featuring Thunder Chucker above. 

“Yet when this all-knowing IT,’ continues Fowler, “this infinite One, is divided, both individuals and nations shall fall. It is this false belief in the binary universe that has destroyed almost all philosophies and religions, and will continue to do so until man comes to see there is only the One.”

To prove his point, Nick has gently apprehended Jackson Heights purse-snatchers, Bergen County vandals and once prevented a Pound Ridge bank robbery by commandeering the masked leader’s melting black soap gun.

Nick’s spiritual guide to life, We Are Godsavailable September 2019.

“It is done unto all people as they believe,” explains Fowler.

Man is made to be a companion of the infinite, but he must come to this realization on his own; that man and God are one.

In five years,” Fowler explains, “our race-thought of limitation will be a think of the past.  No more sickness, no more crime, no poverty, no lack.”

Nick has been editor for the H.I.V. awareness initiative POZ 

and was an original volunteer for Musicians On Call

Fowler’s voice was featured on the most played Bell Atlantic jingle of all time:

Nick was a spokesmodel for

He has performed with the Les Paul Trio and at the first White Nights Festival 

liberating Mother Russia.

Nick’s most recent reinvention is as Jazz Singer with his band, The Word.

Nick’s often called “the most positive person on earth.”

“Gratitude must be our attitude,” the creator explains. “We are all of us Gods with the power to manifest our destinies. Everyone is exactly the same.”

“No more gossip,” repeats Fowler. “No division. No poison preservatives, no more cigarettes. All imperfections, archaic and obscene.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” explains Fowler. “I am at once crazy as a fox and ferociously sane.  We need to all work together and trust in the higher law.”

“Let’s take the abundance and forget all else.” 

I’m organizing a Concert for Peace, calling out to creative leaders who believe in man-as-deity including    

The Pope, Mel Gibson, Jim Caviezel, Madonna, Jordan Peterson, Kanye West, Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jimmy Carter,

Warren Buffet, Steven Tyler, Bob Geldof, Jim Carrey, Oprah, Sting,

Queen, Elton, Zeppelin, G’NR (Prayers for Axl whom Nick promises to heal), U2, Stones, Gaga, Jon Bon and “everyone on my site, all of who know life is synchronicity.” 

“It’s high time we unite. Perfection’s long overdue. Forgive and forget. Live in the now. There won’t be a 2020 U.S. Presidential Election as we know it after I meet with President Trump and the above individuals for a peace summit.

The Concert for Peace will move Mr. Trump with music. His two favorite musical artists are Elton and Queen. My own. That’s God.”

Fowler is organizing the first US Festival on Mars.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a win,” Fowler explains.  “Where there’s a want, there’s a way. God knows only good. He wants me to tell you. There is only evil in the world because we ourselves believe. It’s difficult for man to accept this, but eventually, he will.

I’ve always seen it. 

      For I am honored by the Father.”

Photos courtesy Nick and Mashenka Fowler:

              Heal the Mind

Thank you, my Father, for this, my ascension.

                It is accomplished


                  Thy will be done.

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